Let's tour Japan by chartered bus

Explore Japan by chartered bus.

With chartered bus, you can travel through Japan freely.
Route is along in your hope , your plans , freely

Arrive at numerous attractions directly
from the airport without difficult transfers.

It is very convenient even with a large group of people.
Let alone heavy baggage can be carried with you together.

Hey! Explore Japan by chartered bus.

Just simple six-step procedure!

Bus journey net will solve your troubles !

We find the optimal bus in the consent of the price

From travel content and your budget and your number of people, such as a variety of conditions Looking for a perfect bus in the price of consent to you!

Three of hospitalities are satisfy to you.

1.Create a route to suit the needs of our customers.
Tourist attractions, shopping location, diet and accommodation location
We create our routes tailored to the various needs,
please consult at the time of estimate.
2.Please let us to arrange for those troubles.
We will be acting on behalf of the troublesome various arrangements such as parking arrangements,
booking of dining venues and accommodation place.

Model Course①

The number of days:
1 day
Narita Airport - Tokyo Station
Put in the middle to break once

Model Cours②

The number of days:
3 nights 4 days
Chubu International Airport - Nagoya
- Kyoto - Osaka
- Kansai International Airport
Want to eat Japanese food in Kyoto
Want to arrange accommodation for the crew
3.We promise the exact journey.
Staff skilled in the geography of Japan will create a route
The driver of the bus can travel on the day smoothly, by sharing the itinerary.

We promise a safe and secure journey in Japan quality.

  • Bus

    We are using a secure Japanese bus.

  • Operation and Maintenance

    Bus is obliged to daily inspection and maintenance.

  • Approval

    The bus runs only in the bus company that has been approved by the Japanese government.

It has received permission from the Transportation Director (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport).

Bus of our arrangements has received the permission of the transportation director on the basis of the Road Transport Act.
As a business entrusted to us a lot of lives, arrange bus company to ensure the safe transport is committed to customer satisfaction to comply with the following.

Trading performance

Introduction of our customers

We also provide services to different kinds of customers besides above. We are the top class when it comes to knowledge and experience of domestic tours.

Main client

  • 中国国旅
  • 云南中青国旅
  • 宝中旅游
  • 锦江旅游
  • 海外国旅
  • 和平国旅
  • 九州国际旅行社
  • 文化国旅
  • 四川省中际国旅
  • 青旅总社
  • 热点台湾旅行社

Company Infomation

Tryseed CO., LTD

Osaka North Higashitenma 2-6-5
I・S Minamimorimachi BLG



The flow of the procedure

  • 1.Estimation

    Just type in information on our estimation platform.
    365 days, 24 hours a day to accept

  • 2.Reply

    We will reply within 48 hours after your estimation requests.

  • 3.Reservation

    Please check your estimation results, and if you agree with them we will proceed to reservation.

  • 4.Payment

    You can pay by credit card.

    Please pay the amount described in the 20 days before departure using credit card.
    We will contact you with payment method information individually after the reservation.

    ※We only support full payment at one time.
    About cancellation costs, please see here

    Credit card that supported

  • 5.Previous Arrangement

    On the first 20 days of the starting date ,we will send the confirmation format to you.
    Please enter the necessary information and reply.

    During the meeting, we would like to ask and fine content and customer requirements of the journe, we will create an itinerary.
    ・Where you wanna go , what meals you wanna eat
    ・Those arrangements are needed.
    (Parking, accommodation location, etc.)

    In addition to the above, please tell us in the case if there is what you need to arrange and reservations.
    1 or 2 days before departure, we will contact you, such as itinerary, bus company, driver name and emergency contact.

    ※ Previous arrangement all do by e-mail in English.

  • 6.Departure~ After return home

    After your departure, if you have any trouble, please contact the emergency contact.
    After coming back, if you have forgotten, comments, feelings, please contact with me.

Privacy Policy

TrySeeD Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") believes that complying personal information relevant laws and regulations to protect the personal information is the foundation of business activities and a part of CSR.
The protecting policy of personal information on the ‘bus tabi net’ (hereinafter referred to as the "Website") to be used on the business, is determined as described below.

1. Definition of personal information

Personal information refers to information (name, address, and other information that can identify a specific individual) about a living person that defined in Protection Law, as well as information that associated with certain individuals such as telephone number, e-mail address, etc. And personal preference information, family structure, age and other information belonged to this person.

2. The using of personal information

We do not use the personal information you provided unless one of the following circumstances applies.

  • If we need to contact the customer for some reason.
  • When we make statistical analysis for the provision and improvement of this Website and our services and products.
  • When we deliver information about the products and services that considered to be beneficial to our customers
  • When we deliver important announcement such as maintenance schedules.

3. Provision and disclosure of personal information

We do not disclose or provide your personal information without prior approval except in the case of the following

  • Disclose or provide results from the analysis to partners such as third party in a manner that cannot be identified or personally identifiable
  • Disclose or provide personal information with prior approval of any "user”.
  • Disclose or provide personal information upon warrant issued by the court, instructions, orders of the court, or based on laws and regulations
  • Disclose or provide personal information to police or supervisory authorities during the legal process if there is a referral of information.
  • Within the rules of [2. The using of personal information], when it comes to depositing your personal information to a third party such as an external company, we disclose personal information only to the minimum of the range (name, address, phone number). And to achieve a safe management of information, we will guide the business operator necessarily and appropriately.

4. Safety Measure

We have implemented reasonable and appropriate security measures, in order to manage and operate your personal information safely, prevent danger such as unauthorized access, loss, damage, destruction, alteration, leakage, illegal outflow of personal information. We encrypt customer’s messages using SSL for protection.

5. Change, correction, deletion of registration information

We will carry out the procedure after individual confirmation when there is a request of disclosing, changing, correcting or deleting personal information.

6. Cookies

For better user experience, we send cookies which may identify your computer, and these cookies may be stored on the hard disk.
We use the acquired cookies together with the customer information, within the range of the Company's purpose.
Cookies can be rejected by changing the settings of the Internet browser, but please notice that the Website may be unfunctional or you may not receive the full service when doing so.

7. Behavioral targeting cookies

In our partnership with the following sites, we use behavioral targeting advertising services.
We use cookies that are provided by partner sites for collecting your site visiting history information.
(However, the identification information of individuals is not included at all)
Cookies on the Website are used only for the purpose of advertising, not for any other purposes or collecting personal information. Please disable the cookies (opt-out) by following the procedure below, If you do not want advertising service.

[The description and invalidation of behavioral targeting advertising]
The Company use behavioral targeting advertising on the Website. Behavioral targeting advertising is an advertising method that sends out advertisement which matches visitors' interests and preference based on their site browsing information.
Those who wish to invalidate this advertisement, please disable the cookies (opt-out) by following the procedure below.

Partner sites and procedure of opt-out (Japanese Site)
Google https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/3118621?hl=ja
Yahoo! JAPAN https://btoptout.yahoo.co.jp/optout/preferences.html
MicroAd https://send.microad.jp/w3c/

8. Other

In order to take all possible measures to protect personal information, the Company will amend the policy based on the trend of the future practice forward. Please note that all of the updates will be announced at this page.

30 October 2010 revision
TrySeeD Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Nishida NoriAkira

Provisions relating to cancellation and change

In the case that the cancellation or change is due to your own interest, the cost of change and cancellation including cancellation fee and penalty fee of transportation agencies will be claimed. In addition to that, cancellation & change procedure fee and handling fee that the Company supposed to get as the Company prescribed will also be claimed.
Please be sure to contact us as soon as possible if there is a change or cancellation of your reservation.(Please notice that your request will be handled as a new arrangement if certain important changes were made.) the acceptance of various changes, cancellation is as following

■ Cancellation and change reception date and time

Cancellation and change acceptance: Monday to Friday
※ No acceptance on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays

Business hours

9:00 - 18:00 (Japan time)

It should be noted that, the Company will notify you after any cancellation that has been made, and the cancellation is not complete if you did not receive the notification.

Cancellation and change fees

Fees generated in the above-mentioned contents will be as follows.

■Cancellation fees

Cancellation date Cancellation fees
20 - 15 days prior to the date of travel 20% of the specified fare and charges
14 - 8 days prior to the date of travel 30% of the specified fare and charges
7 - 2 days prior to the date of travel 50% of the specified fare and charges
The day before the date of travel 80% of the specified fare and charges
On the date of travel 100% of the specified fare and charges
Cancellation without notice (No-show) 100% of the specified fare and charges

■Change fees

Change date Change fees
20 - 15 days prior to the date of travel 20% of the specified fare and charges
14 - 8 days prior to the date of travel 30% of the specified fare and charges
7 - 2 days prior to the date of travel 50% of the specified fare and charges
The day before the date of travel 80% of the specified fare and charges
On the date of travel 100% of the specified fare and charges
Cancellation without notice (No-show) 100% of the specified fare and charges